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Life Coaching (the HOW)

Through Knotus life coaching services, we focus on the child or adolescent and develop specific tangible goals established to help capture the ends that will bring success and satisfaction in every area of the individuals' life. Knotus objective is to modify the current problematic behaviors that are identified and define by the family. Life coaches can establish an individualized program that addresses each behavior at the root then works jointly with the individual to achieve expected goals.

Therapy (the WHY)

Knotus understands that every child or adolescent with a mental illness and a developmental delay faces unique challenges that affect their daily lives. Therapy services aim to identify the root of problematic areas and help individuals recognize that they can cause effective change with the proper mindset—a mindset based on healing and obtaining conditions for optimal improvement.

Motivational Talks

Knotus firmly believes in the power of unity and strives to provide motivational talks, which strengthen that idea within individuals, families, schools, and communities. Knotus understand that our generation is forever changing and is beginning to lose sight of how vital it is to connect with people, especially during challenging times. Knotus motivational speeches intend to produce a transformative effect that will lead individuals to access necessary support for personal, family, or community growth.

Music Therapy (0-5)

Music therapy presents a road for communication to those who find it difficult to express themselves in words with interventions to achieve individualized goals. It addresses the physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of an individual or a group through a diversity of exercises, such as listening to melodies, playing an instrument, drumming, writing songs, and guided imagery. Music therapy supports individuals with depression, anxiety and promotes mental and emotional health. Moreover, it improves the quality of life for children with physical health problems.

Family Coaching

In this process, one or more family members work together to achieve relationship goals to improve family dynamics. The process is collaborative and client-directed, operating from a strengths-based outlook, communicating their shared values, expectations, and goals while assessing family alignment. Meanwhile, developing plans to attain the goals as well as holding members accountable.

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