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      Knotus is designed to fill a major void in today’s modern and ever-changing society. The children in our communities are facing new and unique challenges each and every day, and many must confront these issues without proper training or guidance from parents, teachers, or mentors.

    At Knotus, our vision is to create a world where all children can enjoy the benefits of learning from a personal Life Coach. For many families, various circumstances dictate how much time parents are able to dedicate to their child to truly understand the challenges they face. These issues may be in the classroom, in social life, or even in regard to the future. Regardless of the scenario, Knotus is here to help.

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    Knotus has developed a process specially designed to identify and uncover the challenges faced by the youth in our community on a large scale and on the individual level. We strive to confront and resolve matters by focusing on individual self-discovery. Through intensive and immersive personal reflection, a child is able to discover their strengths, weaknesses, desires, and aversions, which in turn provides a sense of direction and purpose moving forward.

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    If life is a puzzle, you must have the proper pieces to create the picture you have for the future. Challenges cannot be avoided, but with the proper guidance and preparation, any and all of life’s hurdles can be overcome. At Knotus, our goal is to help every family within our reach achieve the vision they have for the next generation. Let us help you and your child complete life’s puzzle. Let Knotus enable you to reach the highest potential!


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